Cycle repairs and Bike building

Maintenance, repairs, tune-ups and bike builds

We are now available for all your cycle needs.

No job too big or small, our prices are very competitive. (See an example of our bike service prices below)



This package is ideal if your bike just needs a tweak here and there. It’s also great as a race tune, and recommended if you are buying a new bike or on-selling an old bike.

What you get: 

• Tune gears for best possible performance 
• Tune brakes for best possible performance 
• Major bolts checked and torqued 
• Check and adjust crankset if required 
• Check headset and adjust if required 
• Check drivetrain for wear and provide report 
• Lubricate chain and cables 
• Check spokes and wheel condition and provide report 
• Frame and chain wiped down 
• Tyre inflated to recommended pressure 
• Parts (if required) are charged separately.                     



This classic service package covers everything you need to get your bike humming along and keep it that way.  
Recommended every 6 – 12 months. Think of it as a WoF for your two-wheeled friend.

What you get: 

• Everything in the Basic plan, plus: 
• Wheels trued in truing stand 
• Derailleur Hanger alignment checked with gauge and corrected if required, 
• Check and torque all bolts to Manufacturer’s specifications as required 
• Chain thoroughly cleaned 
• Cassette removed and cleaned 
• Brake surfaces thoroughly cleaned 
• Headset removed, cleaned, re-greased and adjusted 
• Bike washed 
• Parts (if required) are charged separately.